Wing Shooting Safaris


DURATION OF SAFARI I would recommend 5 to 6 shooting days per Safari. It will give the clients more than enough time to sample everything we have on offer on this Safari.

ACCOMMODATION AND HUNTING AREA We make use of different guest houses in the area. Accommodation is comfortable and of very high standard. The area is situated in the central Free State province of South Africa at a small town named Kroonstad, about 2 hour’s drive South of Johannesburg. It is an area with good infrastructure like roads, medical facilities, mobile phone network, etc, and free of tropical diseases like malaria. In mid-winter the evenings and early mornings can be quite chilly – warm clothing is advised. Wing shooting is done over a large part of the district.

CATERING We normally start the day with tea or coffee and toast or rusks. After the first hunting session we have a sumptuous brunch at about 11:00. Brunch consist of fresh fruit, cereals, yogurt, traditional porridge, bacon, eggs, toast, sausages and other meaty dishes, as well as coffee, tea and fruit juice. During the day cooler boxes are taken along with cool drinks and water. Dinner is served at about 20:00. We normally have a three coarse meal.

HUNTING LICENSES AND EXPORT OF TROPHIES Licenses and permits will be obtained for you and are not included in your daily rates. Trophies are field prepared and transported to a taxidermist, from there, dipping, packing, shipping, taxidermy and insurance are for your own account. We will help with arrangements on your behalf.

TRAVEL INFORMATION AND FIREARMS No health hazards occur in South Africa, therefore no inoculations are required. Your travel arrangements will be discussed with you prior to your booking.  We will discuss and supply you with the necessary documentation that you must complete before arrival in South Africa. 12 Gauge shotguns are advisable and ammunition would be supplied at a price quoted to you prior to your safari. 20 Gauge shotgun ammunition is available but much more expensive than 12 gauge. Only one caliber shotgun is allowed per hunter. No semi-automatic firearms are allowed. No hire of firearms are available.

HUNTING INFORMATION We shoot the following game bird species in our part of the country: Guineafowl, francolin (two species), quail, Egyptian and Spurwinged geese, various species of ducks, rock pigeon and three species of doves. Our season starts at the beginning of May and ends on the 15th of September, except for the pigeons and doves, which are only hunted in March, April and May, with no bag limit. The pigeon and dove shooting is high volume stuff. One could expect clients to shoot between 300 and 800 shots per day, with a kill rate of 20% to 60%, depending on the skill of the hunter. The best time of the year to shoot pigeons and doves is from the beginning of March to the end of May. For the Egyptian and Spurwinged geese one could expect a bag of between 5 and 10 birds per hunter per outing, with the official bag limit of 10 birds /gun/day. We shoot them from hidden spots and sometimes decoy them in to the guns. With ducks, once again, one could expect a bag of 5 to 10 birds/gun/day. Ducks are shot on and near smaller dams and pans, from hidden positions, and sometimes decoyed. The best time of the year to hunt ducks and geese is in August and September. The francolin and guineafowl are either walked up over German Shorthaired Pointers or driven, especially towards the end of the season. Although the driven shooting can be very spectacular and successful, we prefer to walk them up over the dogs. One could expect a bag of 7 to 10 birds /gun/day. The best time for guineafowl and francolin is from May to September.




  •  Fulltime professional hunter and all camp staff.
  •  All inclusive accommodation and laundry service.
  •  Full catering and soft drinks.
  •  Transport in hunting area during safari.
  •  Field preparation and transport of trophies to taxidermist.
  •  Transport to- and from Johannesburg airport.
  •  All birds shot.
  •  Field staff, dogs, and decoys.


  •  Tobacco and gratuities to camp staff.
  •  Hunting permits
  •  Charter flights to- and from the hunting area, if requested.
  •  Taxidermist cost, dipping, packing, shipping and insurance of trophies.
  •  Hotel accommodation before/ after safari period.
  •  Ammunition.
  •  Airfare to- and from South Africa.
  •  Extra car hire maybe required for family safaris or large groups.
  •  Phone calls and faxes.
  •  Optional excursions.
  •  Alcoholic beverages.


  •  A deposit of 50% on total daily rate is required to confirm booking.
  •  No refund of deposit can be made if client cancels safari within 6 months of contracted safari date, unless safari can be rebooked. In all other instances the deposit will be refunded less 10% administration fee.
  •  All charges are subject to change.
  •  Way of payment will be arranged on booking of safari.
  •  The information on this page is only applicable on Victor Hunting Safaris Africa- Wing Shooting. All species and prices on other Southern African countries are available on request.
  •  We do not take any responsibility for luggage that are lost on your flights. The contracted safari period stays as stipulated and any charges concerning this matter are for your own account.
  •  No refund of daily rates will be made if the safari is terminated before completion of the contracted safari period.
  •  The balance on the daily rate is payable on arrival and any extras, on the last day of your safari.
  •  This quotation and information on Victor Hunting Safaris Africa – Wing Shooting, supersedes all other quotations and information on Victor Hunting Safaris Africa.





(All prices quoted in US$)


Daily Rates

(Up to 4 clients will be guided by 1 PH )


Per Client 400 per Gun
Observers 150


Huntable Game Birds


Egyptian Goose
Spurwinged Goose
Yellowbilled Duck
African Black Duck
Redbilled Teal
Whitefaced Whistling Duck
Southern Pochard
Cape Shoveller
Cape Teal
Helmeted Guineafowl
Swainson’s Francolin
Orange River Francolin
Common Quail
Harlequin Quail
Rock Pigeon
Redeye Dove
Cape Turtle Dove
Laughing Dove