Company Profile


Clement C. Victor

Having been a professional hunter since 1993, Clement C. Victor is dedicated to the success of his Safaris, managed professionally, with attention to detail to both infrastructure as well as good camps.
A Safari with “Victor Hunting Safaris Africa” will be an exclusive success, culminating in both an enjoyable and a memorable experience.

The Victor hunting legacy began with Clement’s grandfather, Pieter Victor, who was a Bisley shot and keen hunter. This legacy was passed through the generations and Clement is today an avid hunter, fisherman and wing shooter. He is a gentleman in every aspect and has a enjoyable personality.

Estelle & Sebastian Victor

Clement is married to Estelle Victor, who is a pharmacist and one of the directors of a large pharmaceutical company. They where blessed with two boys, Sebastian, the oldest and Adrian, the baby. They are a proud christian family.

Operating mainly in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, the enterprise grew into a succesful business which slowly spread its wings throughout Southern Africa. VHSA is based in Carletonville, South Africa and is owned and operated by Clement himself, enabling VHSA to conduct personal and exclusive safaris. Presently it has access to many concession areas in South Africa as well as Namibia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Uganda.

Estelle & Adrian Victor

To accommodate family safaris, a separate division of VHSA was formed to cater for the non hunting members of the safari as well as those hunters and their families who wished to explore more of Southern Africa before or after their hunting safaris.

In addition to this, VHSA also offers a filming service and film and produce top quality DVD’s of the safaris, complete with sunsets, campfires, music and special effects, allowing clients to relive those special moments time and again.

The exclusive hunting safaris which VHSA offers are carefully tailored for discerning sportsmen. The professional hunters are all qualified and experienced. All equipment and physical plant is of the highest order and the hunting camps are clean, comfortable and safe.

The camps are serviced by qualified staff, including chefs and waiters, skinners and camp managers who are your friendly and knowledgeable hosts and hostesses.

Even special dietary requirements are catered for where possible. These dedicated people who are passionate about their roles will always cater to your every need. The emphasis is on exclusivity and very personal service.

The team effort of the VHSA staff, with diverse expertise, will ensure that every aspect of your safari from arrival to departure unfolds exactly as planned. Providing “that special touch” which only experience can offer, is VHSA’s trademark as it continues to “exceed your expectations” whether for a family safari, all of the big 5, plains game or a non-hunting photographic, wing shooting or fishing safari. 

Proudly Christian

How wonderful it is to be blessed with this beautiful “Africa” all around us. To see God in the whole of His creation and every one of His creatures, every day.

Thank You, creator God and merciful Father, for the opportunity to experience Your grace and Your magnificence every day in our lives. Amen.