Zimbabwe – Sengwa



This is one of Zimbabwe’s best hunting concessions. It is located in the North West of the country in the Gokwe District. It is exactly half way between Harare and Victoria Falls. This offers a great opportunity for incoming guests to visit the world famous Victoria Falls en route to their safari.

This truly beautiful area consists of huge floodplains and rolling plateaus. The wide variety of terrain from Mopane woodland, jesse, sandveld ridges and huge vlei’s provide wonderful habitat for huge resident herds of elephant, buffalo and plainsgame. Obviously plentiful prey supply allows for a good population of the big cats.

Elephant trophies average between 40 and 45 pounds with the occasional bull over 50 pounds being taken most years. Tuskless cows are also plentiful and these safaris are close to 100% successful. The best times for hunting the bulls are early in March through May and late in September and October. Tuskless cows are better during the drier month of June through October.

Buffalo are plentiful and are best during the drier months of June through October.

The big cats are best hunted during the cool months of May through August. All cat hunting here is done during daylight hours and is therefore a great opportunity for the hunting purists who prefer not to use artificial light.


The Camp

The Sengwa Camp was completed in May 2013 and consists of three East African safari style tents. All have ablutions en-suite and all the necessary conveniences for a very enjoyable and comfortable stay. A central dining area on a big bluff overlooking the Sengwa River provides a wonderful and scenic evening relaxation spot. This camp in on the National Electricity Grid and so has a reliable supply of 220v power.



It is possible to hire firearms, however we strongly recommend clients to bring their own rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Clients hiring weapons will be charged $40 per day, regardless of calibre or make. (When hiring a weapon client will be charged for the duration of the safari). This does not include ammunition which will be charged separately. On arrival in Zimbabwe a temporary import permit will be issued once your firearm(s) and ammunition have been physically inspected by customs officials. It is essential that you state the exact amount of ammunition you will be bringing into the country. Clients who transit through South Africa on their way to us will have to complete firearms forms for this country. We recommend using Air 2000 to ensure that this process goes smoothly and without incident. For dangerous game such as elephant, buffalo and lion, calibres of .375 or bigger must be used. For soft skinned animals, any weapon in the 7mm or .38 / .300 range may be used. Sixty rounds of each calibre should be sufficient. For the heavier calibre weapons we prefer a mixture of solid and soft nosed ammunition whilst just soft nose bullets are preferred for the medium and lighter calibre weapons. Trophy bonded, Swift A-Frame or Barnes X are good choices. When importing weapons for your safari you will also need to have a completed Firearms Temporary Import Permit Form. We recommend that you arrive with these forms in TRIPLICATE fully completed to make things easier upon arrival in the country.



Most hunting areas in Zimbabwe are Malaria areas and so we recommend that all clients take Malarone for the duration of their stay.



 Items included in Daily Rate

  • The services of a professional hunter or professional hunters as agreed upon at time of booking.
  • The services of gun bearers, trackers, field and camp assistants, cooks and skinners.
  • The use of four wheel drive safari vehicles.
  • Full accommodation, which includes daily laundry, all foods, alcoholic beverages and sodas.

Items not included in Daily Rates

  • Trophy fees payable for animals killed or wounded.
  • Taxidermy fees (this also means dip and pack).
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Transport to the first hunting area and from the last hunting area.
  • All charter flights.
  • Gratuities to staff.
  • A 2% government levy on total daily rates and on trophy fees.
  • MARS – Medical Air Rescue Service
  • $20/person/day Conservation Levy.NB. All full days spent on safari that were not originally allocated as hunting days will be charged plainsgame rates.



Any safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful directions and advice of the Safari Operator and / or Professional Hunter be followed. We accept no responsibility for any illness, accident or loss whatsoever incurred in the course of the safari or for any expenses arising from such illness, accident or loss.




A deposit of 50% of the total value of the daily rate is required to confirm the booking of a safari. Should a client wish to cancel a safari, the following will apply:

  • If cancelled more than 180 days before the commencement of the hunt, the client will be refunded 90% of their deposit.
  • If cancelled 90 – 179 days prior to commencement of the safari, the client will be entitled to a refund amounting to 50% of the deposit paid.
  • If cancelled 0 – 89 days prior to commencement of the safari, clients will forfeit the total deposit paid.

The balance of the daily rates and trophy fees for the animals that are killed or wounded are paid on completion of the safari. Daily rates will not be subject to change once the full deposit is paid. However, trophy fees are subject to change and will be the trophy fee quoted for the year in which the safari takes place.



We field prepare all trophies to clients instructions and will either dip and pack for export or deliver them to the local taxidermist of the client’s choice for mounting.


Weather and seasons

Hunting in Zimbabwe is possible year round but we recommend hunting from April through to October.


 Days required  Type of hunting  US$ 
5 day Non-trophy Buffalo Package ( Below 34″ and Non-exportable) $8500 Package
5 day Non-trophy Buffalo Package ( Below 34″ and Exportable) $9500 Package
7 day Plainsgame Sengwa 1×1 – $750/Day
7 day Plainsgame Sengwa(2 clients per 1 Pro-Hunter) 2×1 – 700 each/Day
7 day Plainsgame Sengwa Bowhunt 1×1 – $750/Day
7 day Plainsgame Bowhunt Mokore (2 clients per 1 Pro-Hunter) 2×1 – $450 each/Day
7 day Non-trophy Elephant ( broken Ivory or  Cow, Non-exportable)  $  12000 Package
10 day Tuskless  Elephant /Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1000/Day
12 day Tuskless  Elephant /Buffalo/Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1300/Day
10 day Buffalo/Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1250/Day
10 day Buffalo/Plainsgame (2 clients per Pro-Hunter) 2×1 – $1200 each/Day
15 day Leopard /Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1250/Day
15 day Buffalo/Sable/Plainsgame 1×1 – $1250/Day
15 day Buffalo/Leopard/Plainsgame Sengwa 1 x1 – $1550/Day
18 day Buffalo/Leopard/Sable/Plainsgame 1×1 – $1450/Day
12 day Elephant/Plainsgame 1×1 – $1500/Day
15 day Elephant/Buffalo/Plainsgame 1×1 – $1500/Day
21 day Lion/Buffalo/Tuskless Ele/Sable/Plainsgame 1×1 – $2500/Day
28 day Lion/Elephant/Buffalo/Tuskless Ele/Sable/Plainsgame 1×1 – $2500/Day


  • Observer Fee for big game safari: US$250 per person per day
  • CITES permits for elephant, leopard and crocodile: $150 each
  • Pre-baiting for cat or crocodile hunts: $300 per day + bait trophy fees
  • Vehicle Transfer from Harare to Sengwa – $500 one way
  • Vehicle Transfer from Sengwa to Mokore – One Way $750
  • Conservation Levy – $20/person/day
  • 2% Gov levy on total daily rates and trophy fees.




Elephant Bull 14000 Warthog 400
Lion 10000 Wildpig/Bushpig 400
Hippo 4000 Porcupine 200
Elephant Cow Tuskless 4000 Antbear 200
Leopard 5000 Honey Badger 200
Sable 4000 Caracal 200
Crocodile 4000 Serval 200
Nyala 3000 Civet 200
Buffalo 5000 Impala males 250
***Waterbuck 2000 Impala females/baits 100
Eland 1500 Duiker 200
Buffalo Cow 1500 Grysbok 300
Giraffe 1500 Jackal 200
Kudu 1750 Genet 150
Zebra 850 Baboon 50
Wildebeest 750 Monkey 50
Bushbuck (Southern) 750 Wildcat 50
Bushbuck (Chobi) – Sengwa 750 Mongoose 50
Klipspringer 600 Guinea Fowl & Francolin 5
Hyeana 650 Birds Miscellaneous 5


* Note all wounded animals are classified as trophy animals.  Bow hunters to make their own judgement

** Trophy fees will be charged as quoted per brochure for the year the safari takes place!                         

*** Waterbuck are only available on minimum of a 15 day safari.