Mozambique – Niassa 




We offer Old East African type of Big Game Safaris which are professionally run with the client’s interests at heart. You arrive as a client and leave as a lifetime friend. The outfitter operates a 300,000 ha concession within the unspoilt, pristine Miombo woodland of the Niassa Reserve. Our northern boundary for 58km is the ever flowing mighty Lugenda River, the main life blood of the region. All animals from far and wide make their way here in the drier months of the year. The general terrain varies from typical miombo woodland with dispersed granite isselberg rocky out crops to open grass savannah areas to lush riverine belts. This variety of landscape allows them to host 25 different species of exportable game. 


How to get there

There are commercial flights originating from Johannesburg, Maputo, Dar Es Salaam and Niarobi to Pemba several times a week. At Pemba, you will be met by a company official to facilitate an easy and painless exercise through customs and immigration and you will be escorted through to your private charter flight to camp. We have a variety of different planes available, from small Cessna’s to twins to turbines. 


Accommodation and Facilities

The outfitter offers 3 different styles and settings of camp locations, Spanish Camp which is a basic tented fly camp, to Namaho Camp which is the typical common East African tented camp and finally the main camp which is superbly located high up on the banks of the meandering mighty Lugenda River. It offers luxurious under thatch air conditioned lodges with en suite bathrooms. Open air bar, lounge and dining area under thatch, graced with a superb infinity pool for your leisure, broadband internet and satellite TV. Regardless of the camp you select, all meals are 3 course and cuisine is absolutely something to die for. 


Hunting what species and why there?

The outfitter offers the opportunity to hunt exceptional, endemic and rare trophies the old way, on foot with exceptional trackers and PH’s to guide you. This is a unique concession in that it has the Big 4 and hippo and crocodile with adequate numbers of endemic and rare species that are absent from the majority of other Big Game Areas. Endemic species include the Niassa Wildebeest, Boheme Zebra, Yellow Baboon, Johnson Impala and the Rooseveld Sable. The rare and more common plains game include: Livingston Suni and Eland, Red Duiker, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Spotted Hyena, Greater Kudu, Warthog, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Common Duiker and Waterbuck.


Staff and Cuisine

The camp staff are friendly, professionally trained and pay special attention to all individual’s needs. We offer 3 course meals with the meats prepared from a variety of different species that are hunted within the concession. Our meals are complimented with fresh vegetables and salads generally sourced from our very own garden.


Trophy Care and Skinning

Virtually all the employees are long serving members of staff and the skinners are no exception to this. Currently two of our skinners between them have been actively involved with trophy preparation for more than 35 years. The skinning sheds and storerooms are all secure, state of the art facilities leaving nothing to chance.


Professional Hunters

Our PH’s are all professionally trained, long serving, ethical hunters with a true love for the bush. Their vehicles and equipment are all modern, cared for and reliable. They are hard-working and will do everything within their ability that is legal to put you onto the game you are after. Hunters arrive as clients and leave as friends and will return.




1. Plains game hunts – 10 day hunt = US$ 5,500

2. Leopard / Plains game hunts – 12 day hunt = US$ 18,000

3. Sable / Plains game hunts – 10 day hunt = US$ 7,000

4. Leopard / Sable hunts – 12 day hunt = US$ 24,000

5. Buffalo / Plains game hunts – 10 day hunt = US$ 11,500

6. Buffalo / Sable / Plains game hunts – 12 day hunt = US$ 17,500

7. Buffalo / Leopard hunts – 12 day hunt = US$ 25,000

8. Buffalo / Leopard / Sable hunts – 14 day hunt = US$ 30,000

9. Lion hunt – 18 day hunt = US$ 40,000

10. Lion / Leopard / Buffalo hunt – 21 day hunt = US$ 54,000

11. Elephant hunts – 21 day hunt = US$ 65,000 plus trophy fees

12. BIG 3 (Ele / Buff / Leop) hunts – 21 day hunt = US$ 81,000 plus trophy fees

13. BIG 3 (Ele / Buff / Lion) hunts – 21 day hunt = US$ 95,000 plus trophy fees

14. BIG 4 hunts – 24 day hunt = US$ 110,000 plus trophy fees



Observers in camp - US$ 300 / day / person

Observers at Pemba Beach Lodge - US$ 300 dinner/bed/breakfast

Children under 12 years of age – Free




1. US$ 350 Govt. Hunting Licence

2. Gun permit US$ 250 per firearm

3. Dipping & Packing & Delivery to Pemba $ 650

4. Transfers

  • By road Pemba – Camp – Pemba – US$ 1,500 / vehicle
  • By small plane Pemba – Camp – Pemba – $ 4,000 subject to change

5. Other clients meat used for bait: Leopard & hyena baits $ 150 each. Lion baits $500 each



Safaris are confirmed on receipt of 50 % of the total daily rate. The balance of the daily rate plus the Govt licences and Additional Charges are payable 30 days prior to the commencement of the safari and trophy fees are payable at the conclusion of the safari. Payment in camp must be made in cash (all US$ notes have to be “2006 series” or newer) or by bank transfer prior to the safari commencing. Unused fees will be refunded.



There will be no refund on and deposit paid, unless the hunt is cancelled no less than 6 months prior to 1st March of the calendar year in which the hunt is booked. In the event of the hunt being cancelled prior to this date, 50% of the deposit will be refundable.



Baboon – Yellow 100 90
Buffalo 2,500 1,200
Bushbuck 750 360
Bushpig 350 210
Crocodile 3,500 900
Duiker (common) 400 210
Duiker (red) 1,000 300
Eland male 1,400 1,200
Elephant See below 11,000
Grysbok – Sharpes 900 330
H/beeste – L/stein 1,950 720
Hippo 3,500 1,200
Hyena 1,000 360
Impala – Johnston 350 300
Kudu 1,300 1,100
Leopard 4,500 2,400
Lion 15,000 4,200
Sable – Roosevelt under 40” 3,800 1,200
Sable – Roosevelt over 40” 5,800 1,200
Suni 1,000 360
Warthog 350 270
Waterbuck 1,950 720
W/beest – Niassa 2,250 960
Zebra – Boheme 1,500 1,000


Elephant Govt & Niassa Licence Fee $11,000 plus Trophy Fee on its heaviest tusk:

Up to 69 lbs US$ 20,000

70 – 79 lbs US$ 25,000

80 – 89 lbs US$ 35,000

90 – 99 lbs US$ 50,000

Over 99 lbs US$ 100,000



Any elephant shot with its heaviest tusk weighing less than 50lbs will accrue a fine of $10,000 and the minimum trophy fee of $20,000 still has to be paid.



No lions under six (6) years of age are to be shot. In the event of a lion under 6 years of age being shot without the consent of the Professional Hunter a penalty of $30,000 will be imposed on the client.



Meat used for baiting purposes that has not been hunted by the client:

Leopard & hyena baits – $ 150 / bait

Lion baits – $ 500 / bait