Hunting and Big Game Fishing in Muaritius




Ivan, your host and guide, born in Mauritius, has since he was a kid, spent most of his winters hunting in the islands’ forests and his summers deep sea fishing. Today, he wants to share that experience with you, who share his passions.





Mauritius, better known for its beaches, is also a fantastic venue for Rusa deer hunting, commonly known as the Java deer. In actual fact, you will find in Mauritius, hunting grounds covering thousands of acres. From the hills of the East and South coast offering breathtaking views, to the African like savanna plains of the West coast, via the dense tropical forest of the high central grounds, Ivan will take you to different game reserves, offering you an interesting diversity in charm and atmosphere unique to each one.

The Rusa deer was imported to Mauritius by the Dutch in 1639. Having no predator, it thrived and today lives in abundance in our forests. Hunting in Mauritius is a prized sport enjoyed by some. Recently hunters from abroad have had the opportunity to hunt this magnificent game in the endemic forest covered mountains. A big male weighs on average 120 kgs and has horns measuring up to one metre. Rare and almost unique, hunting the Java deer is one of the most thrilling forms of hunting in the world. Although the deer remains the prized game, you can also hunt wild pigs, hares and different birds such as the guinea fowl, the partridge and the pheasant.

Hunting is practiced with rifles or bows, either from watched towers with beaters and hunting dogs or by stalking, either way making it an unforgettable experience. Ivan will offer you and your guests an exclusive hunting trip in some of those beautiful domains across the island.




On the other hand, Mauritius is very well known as a big game fishing paradise. Every year it hosts  famous international competitions, such as the South Indian Ocean Fishing Competition (S.I.O.B.C) attracting anglers from all over the world to compete.

Marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo, shark and bonito form part of the daily catch. Whether you book a ½ day, a full day or then again, the incredible 3 days fishing trip to the Soudan Banc, 105 nautical miles North of Mauritius, you will have an experience of a life time. Our boats and equipment are of top standard and our crew experienced and friendly, speaking both English and French.

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